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Content Marketing Explained

In the ever changing and evolving digital reality, new methods of engaging with customers have developed. Content marketing is an approach to marketing strategy that focuses on planning, creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content with the aim to attract and maintain a specific target audience. What follows is their engagement which in turn, creates customers.

This advertising method is favored by both big and small companies. It requires a much more resourceful approach, as well as thoughtful use of all possible forms of media to get your message across. This way, you will be able to both entertain and educate your audience in a way that will engage them. Traffic Mountain employs experts that will develop a keen, long-term content marketing strategy that focuses on understanding the audience and following innovative best practices.

How is it different?

This type of advertising is much more subtle than the regular kind. This is a good thing because your audience is less likely to shy away from that type of content. Let’s face it, we find most standard advertisements pretty dull, but will probably enjoy watching or reading something that gives us info on a certain topic we’re interested in. You’re basically giving them information about something related to your product or service, rather than just promoting them. You’re effectively building brand awareness and making sure you’re always in the back of potential customer’s mind.

Types of Content Marketing

There are many types of content marketing, but they all have the same end goal in mind: audience engagement.

Interactive solutions

Social media and blogs are at the forefront of engaging audience engagement methods. With over 2 billion users and growing daily social media platforms allow for unprecedented reach. The key is to define and execute your strategy and manage to communicate with your audience about the topics that interest them. Determine your target demographics and plan your posts so that your followers don’t lose interest, and you’ll be on the right track.

While blogs are not as interactive as social media they do allow for customer feedback and have an incredibly broad reach. That, in turn, helps you reach and engage more potential customers. Even if people you reach aren’t interested in your service, you’re still building up brand awareness and presenting yourself as an up-to-date source of information and content.

As everybody knows, increased traffic means better search engine ranking, and increased ranking means you will attract even more people. Some of which are bound to be interested in your product or service.

Whitepapers and Case Studies

These strategies resemble a little bit more “old fashioned” methods.
White papers are very formal, even dry, but they help you build your reputation as a credible and authoritative source on a specific subject. They present a problem and offer a solution. It’s an effective way to educate your readers, while also enticing them to learn more about your business and potentially turning them into customers

Now, while people might consider your company’s own opinion on its product or service biased, they’re less likely to question someone who’s note related to it – someone who’s offering unbiased, first-hand information about it. This is where case studies rise above other marketing methods as a unique, product-oriented solution. They help potential customers understand why people chose your brand over others.

Video Content

This type of content marketing focuses on engaging the audience through video content. Since younger generations are much more drawn to the video than text, it’s a natural choice for a content marketing strategy. If your videos are informative and entertaining they’re a great way to get your ideas across.

Conversational and informal style of vlogging is also a great asset. The audiences see it as a personalized method of communication. This is an especially effective way to keep your audience up to date and involved.


If there’s one thing we can say about content marketing, it’s that it’s always adapting and evolving. It’s an easily accessible method of crafting stories to engage your target audience. It’s ubiquitous and effective method that focuses on the quality of the message more than the volume.

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