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Understanding SEO and Understanding What is SEO

Let’s talk about SEO, what it means, how it can affect you and why should you care about it. It’s a process of that determines the ranking of a web page in search engine results. SEO, or search engine optimization, is just one branch of internet marketing, but a crucial one. It governs how visible your website is to people who may be looking for your content, your product or your service.

Search engines monitor a large number of variables that affect ranking and visibility of a webpage. These variables include, but are not limited to, number of links leading towards the webpage, the “trustworthiness” of the domain itself, the quality of the content and the webpage’s loading speed. SEO then focuses on monitoring and improving those variables and improving the websites organic (meaning unpaid) visibility.

Key words

Keywords are another important part of how a website is ranked and who can see it. If a link is “anchored” in a specific phrase, that improves the website’s search engine position when that phrase, or it’s close match, are typed in. It’s a little more complex than it looks at first glance, but that’s the gist of it. You should also take into account how well your competition ranks for those specific search terms and how commonly are they searched; with those metrics, you’re well on your way to planning your first SEO campaign.

What SEO isn’t or shouldn’t be

Let’s get this out of the way first: yes, there are plenty of shady people practicing their own brand of SEO, it’s built on creating poor and spammy content on untrustworthy websites in order to create a large number of low quality links that will give their client a (temporary at best) boost in search engine visibility. This is a short-term method that focuses on fooling the search engine’s algorithms. That’s not how it’s done most of the time, that’s not how it should be done and that’s certainly not the way we do it at Traffic Mountain.

Best practices in the industry

Proper SEO creates content for users, rather than search engines. We deliver and create content actual people want to read. This is especially important in a niche as sensitive as dating. Few people will want to be affiliated with a dating website, fearing they will be penalized for potential adult content. This is why Traffic Mountain strives to adhere to best industry practices and only use quality and trustworthy methods to improve our clients’ visibility.


The best way to do it is create well optimized landing pages with proper tags and build quality links towards and from relevant high authority websites. Maintaining the policy of quality over quantity is what ensures SEO will have lasting effects.

It’s a complex field

Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving industry. As search engines keep refining their algorithms to provide users with a superior experience, the requirements for people looking to improve their visibility keep changing. The most famous Google updates – Panda and Penguin – upturned the standard operating procedures of many low-quality SEO service providers; just as they shredded the ranking of low quality websites. In order to remain competitive companies must keep adapting to the ever-changing conditions.

It is not only search engines who make the changes, trends in social media, forums, general blogging practices and technological innovations can all have a major effect on how a website is ranked for a particular keyword.

Search engine optimization is a complex field that isn’t difficult to learn, but it does take a lot of time to master all the nuances. Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more on how it may affect you and your business!

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