How do we work?


Every aspect of your website demands a thorough evaluation. This is why we employ a comprehensive audit and suggest modifications as well as the best possible solutions so that your site can rank higher on all major search engines.

Strategic planning and further analysis

Our devoted team of SEO professionals looks up for every possible reason to find out why you are still behind your top competitors. We also plan the actions to be taken on our part. Finally, we analyze the possibilities to boost your rankings on the search engines.

On-going Optimization and Link Building

Link Building is definitely one of the most important elements of a solid SEO structure. And in order to bring more traffic to your website, we observe it at a holistic level so that we can come up with a corresponding formula that will deliver coveted results. On the other hand, this entire process simultaneously affects the raise of awareness of your brand as well as the increase in the conversion rates.

Reporting System

Our developed reporting system helps us resolve competition level, assess the conversion quotas and find numerous ways to tweak the overall process.

Our Popular Packages

Common Features of Global SEO:

Site architecture analysis and recommendations


Google place listing

Sub-domain and sub-folder optimization

Location specific global link strategy

Common Features of Local SEO Package:

H card integration

Page updation for local search

Citations in other sites/directories

Google Places listing request

User reviews

Common Features of E-commerce package:

Product description analysis

Site Architecture recommendations

Landing page analysis and recommendations

Conversion analysis and recommendations

Heatmap reports to show actual user behavior

SEO Pricing Plans

1 Page
3 Keywords
6-8 Months
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2 Pages
6 Keywords
6-7 Months
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4 Pages
12 Keywords
6-7 Months
5 Pages
15 Keywords
6-7 Months
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I accomplish results for my web page search ranking?

In the most of the cases, it takes 3-6 months to rank for a local search term. Unfortunately, there are no safe ways to predict or estimate how long it will take for a site to rank because it depends on various factors, such as competition, allocated budget or how SEO ready your website is.

How does SEO precisely work?

What you need to know in the first place is that search engines are designed in a way to help people find precisely what they are searching for, and the entire SEO process is focused on helping you to be easily found through search engines by using particular keywords that people are using, as well as building links to your page. This means that the search results are influenced by the number of quality links leading to your site which consequently affects the visibility of your business online presence.

Can Traffic Mountain Inc. Guarantee Good Results?

No one can guarantee that your business will appear on the first position of a search engine. This is mostly due to Google that continuously improves its search algorithm. Therefore, it isn’t possible to go with a step-by-step procedure that will assure a success. On the other hand, we are constantly spreading our SEO knowledge by keeping up with the latest trends and available information, but we are also measuring our results over time from which we derive useful conclusions for our future SEO strategies.

What can SEO do for me?

A good SEO strategy can have a great impact on your business. This is the best way to get a good traffic and reach more customers that are interested in your service, which results in a better revenue and more conversions.