Social Media Marketing

Whether we like it or not, it seems that social media is here to stay. The fact is that we live in a digital world, surrounded by numerous connectivity options that are designed in a way to keep us socially active in an online sphere. On the other hand, new social media platforms seem to appear almost daily, which makes it hard to keep up with all of them simultaneously – not to mention how hard it is to discover where your business belongs in this, at first sight chaotic social media universe.

This is where we step in

Here at Traffic Mountain Inc., we truly love Social Media in every possible way and this is precisely the reason we know there’s no such thing as a universal Social Media Marketing approach. Still curious? We can answer all your questions!

  • Each Social network is unique and therefore demands a different approach in strategic planning for business promotion in order to succeed on it.
  • We’ve been studying various psychological factors as well as the content demands on every Social Media platform.
  • This makes it easier for us to identify an appropriate type of content for each social platform. On the other hand, we are familiar with other related factors such as posting schedule and the odds for the user’s engagement to happen.
  • Not every social network is suitable for your business, and the key lies in discovering which one could potentially help you in reaching even more audience. Now you can find out where your potential customers spend the most of their time and direct the most of your marketing efforts there!


Consumers are often sharing their impressions, experiences, and opinions with others, especially on social media platforms and customer review sites. Reputation management allows you to listen to what your customers are saying, to answer their questions or clarify their concerns, as well as to track down your online presence in comparison with your top competitors.


Being one of the most popular social networks at the moment, Twitter can be a great place to start connecting with you actual and future customers. The statistics say there are 74% more customers who will buy from the business they are following on Twitter, so what are you waiting for?


With an emphasis on so-called microblogging and social media sharing, Tumblr is a specific social media platform owned by a well-known search engine Yahoo! The most recent data shows that this social network has 555 monthly visits and is home to over 312 million blogs. A right place to start reaching new customers, we dare say.


Firstly devised as a catalogue of interesting ideas, where people can select and organize or simply pin their visual ideas in different boards, Pinterest encourages users to make purchases more than any other social network. Still hesitating about it? Get your business on Pinterest today!


This creation from the worldwide most popular search engine is constantly evolving and getting more users each day. Google + can help you not only to reach interested customers but also to earn more credibility through important social signals. And we know all about it.


It’s hard to find the right words about a social network such as Facebook that according to the latest statistics had 1.65 billion active users per month. Every serious business owner should consider taking the advantage of promoting their business through this widely-spread social network. Our Social Media management team provides fresh and custom made strategies that are a promise of a howling success and these also include content curation relevant to dating industry as well as many other techniques.


Another proprietary from a mighty giant called Google, YouTube is the most popular video watching and sharing platform out there. And with over 6 billion hours of videos watched on a monthly basis, YouTube continues to fortify its number one position. This is a great place for your commercials, SlideShare presentations, explanatory or “About Us” videos that can reach the right visitors and bring you a fast business success with the help of our expertise.