What does an SEO Agency do?

October 21, 2016
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Yes, this is something that we get a lot. And the question is not as simple as it might appear at first. When faced with this query, we always try to underline some of the most important aspects that cover nearly all that an SEO agency does in some form of an initial explanation, and it usually comes down to these:

  1. Creating and optimizing compelling content for discovery and conversion
  2. Building quality links to a client’s website/websites
  3. Analyzing results and acting accordingly

The main problem, however, hides in a fact that these statements call for further explanations, highlighting a complexity of this particular matter – and more importantly – posit new questions. And it’s entirely understandable that a dating company in need of an SEO service package cannot quench its thirst for the information by settling just for these aforementioned items. This is totally legit, as we are willing to provide additional clarifications to everyone craving for more specific knowledge of the SEO as an integral part of the Internet marketing for dating industry.


Speaking of an online dating as your business model, we have to mention this is a factor that certainly adds to the intricacy of an SEO strategy implementation. Still, we take our pride in saying that we are continuously growing our expertise by following the best practices in the field and we strive to come up with unique solutions for each and every client.

Now, we’re aware that sometimes it can be really hard to get desired information from an SEO company, but believe us when we say this is not due to them failing to understand what you’re asking (because it’s perfectly natural that you’d like to know more in order to opt for someone’s services) – it’s just that every business is different and unique, meaning that it has its specific goals, vision and desirable course of actions, which altogether makes it really difficult for an SEO agency to provide exact answers to your questions.


Yet, in order to make things easier when it comes to understanding the entire search engine optimization process, it’s crucial to emphasize that we’re living in a digital era, with a persistent need for connectivity as well as a strong online presence of one’s business. What does this mean, precisely? It means that you need to put some additional effort in increasing the online visibility of your business in order to make it easily reachable through various search engines such as Google or BING, both by your existing and potential customers. This will consequently lead you to a better exposure and – you’re already

This is particularly the case with the online dating niche where you’re practically forced to use all the means of SEO in order to come up with a successful strategy that will help you rank higher amongst the competitors. This is where it becomes tricky, though, because the competition in dating industry appears to be merciless these days. So, you’ll need to plot out with seasoned professionals if you want to leave the competition behind.


All aforementioned leads to a conclusion that you will need to hire a proven team of SEO experts that is ready to push boundaries when it comes to strategic SEO planning. And some of the main steps of the process are:

  • Initial research, website audit as well as other various analyses including keyword research, Google analytics analysis, and the use of Google Webmaster tool as well as the link profile analysis.
  • Initial site optimization that consists of a site redesign, code overhauling, link removal or disavowal.
  • On the other hand, a successful link building strategy should contain the elements such as link monitoring, competition research, brand monitoring and outreach.

As you can see, we’ve just scratched the surface of an evolved world that is SEO. And if you want to find out more about the entire process, please do not hesitate to ask us through our contact form or check our pricing plans!


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