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How Search Engines Use Machine Learning

Even though the Internet started changing the world back in the mid-1990s, the term “Search Engine” and its optimization became popular quite recently. These days, if you want to know the answer to a specific question like – what does digital marketing agency do, or you just want to type in an unknown word or a particular location, you have to enter it into the search engine on your smartphone or computer.

We became so dependent on these machines that we even changed our language and included the word “Google” in our dictionaries as a new transitive verb (to Google something). Now, since we’ve established the importance of search engines in today’s world, we’re going to focus on machine learning and its crucial role in digital marketing and SEO. More precisely, we’re going to explain how search engines use machine learning to make your lives easier and create a better user experience for everyone.

It Personalizes Your Search Based On Your Previous Queries

How does it do that? Well, “machine learning” basically means using algorithms to determine trends, patterns, and many other features based on historical data. By using previous queries, it completely personalizes your search. Consequently, every top marketing agency uses SEO writing to boost their client’s traffic and click-through rates.

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This customization works like this: the search engine essentially learns about user’s preferences by analyzing the history data and uses that information to provide new, better, and more specific results. For example, if you enter “Boston Celtics” in the search engine and close the entire browser, next time you search for a word “garden,” the search engine will suggest TD Garden, a multi-purpose arena in Boston, Massachusetts that serves as a venue for Boston Celtic’s home games. As you can see, it learns about your interests and tries to narrow down the search to make your life easier.

It Recognizes Connections Between Seemingly Unrelated Words Providing You With Desired Results

People sometimes don’t have the time or just don’t remember precisely the thing they want to search, so they enter a word or a phrase that, at first, doesn’t have any meaning. However, machine learning uses previous queries and preferences to make connections and find similarities between these seemingly nonsensical words. This way, the search engine can provide users with the best possible results.

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It Uses Synonyms To Help You With Your Search

Every SEO marketing agency out there knows that keywords are crucial when it comes to ratings and traffic. In this light, they have to think one step ahead, analyze the most popular searches and create the keywords. But what happens when someone misses the keyword or enters something different, but similar? That’s when machine learning steps in with a synonyms identification feature. The search engine recognizes the synonyms, and by doing so, it expands the search and provides the user with the wanted result.

Thanks To Machine Learning We Can Search By Image

One of the most convenient options is definitely “search by image” feature. Because millions of photos are getting uploaded on a daily basis, it became impossible for people to analyze and catalog them all by themselves so this is where machine learning comes into play. It helps the search engine to recognize the photo and information related to it by analyzing its shape, color and size, and by comparing it with other similar patterns already stored in the database. Thanks to this, users can now search certain things by using a photo file, instead of typing in the text query.

As you can see, machine learning is not a perfect process, but it’s safe to say that it’s making an overall user experience better and more efficient.

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