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Content Marketing VS PPC: Which One Wins?

In popular culture, digital marketing marks the era of smartphones, Instagram, influencers, and all those covert ways to place a product on the market that have been perfected over the past several years.

With so much information coming from various sources, it’s often challenging to determine which online marketing campaign is more beneficial to your organization, but what is an online marketing agency if not your strategic partner on a mission to get you the best possible return on investment as you increase your product’s visibility?

However, before you pick up the phone and start calling marketing agencies in hopes of hiring the best one to boost your profit, we’d like to explore whether PPC or content marketing offers you the better opportunity, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Does PPC Really Convert Clicks Into Big Bucks?

Every business owner or marketing specialist has been tasked with taking a hard look at the true meaning of digital marketing. Undoubtedly, one of the main aspects of it is a pay-per-click strategy which comes down to placing an ad, counting the number of clicks, and comparing it to sales volumes.

On the other hand, in a PPC campaign, you can count the number of clicks, but you can’t know whether the customer was really interested in the content of the ad. Perhaps they clicked on it by accident or just glanced at it quickly before moving on. Did they really want to “find out more” or was their ad blocker off at the moment, and they ended up on your page?

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A top marketing agency can give you the answers to all these questions, but the answers make no difference when you have to foot the ad bill. If you get a click, you’ll have to pay for it, regardless of whether it results in a sale.

Content Marketing Is Time-Consuming

When people start a dialogue about marketing, it’s only natural to see pushback from everyone who doesn’t understand how good content can influence your readers to trust you and turn to you for advice, essentially leading to a boost in traffic and a more extensive client base.

An SEO marketing agency representative will tell you that one clear advantage of content marketing over a PPC campaign lies in the fact that your content remains available as long as you keep paying your hosting and domain fees, while ads have a much shorter shelf life of usually just a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, supplying a website with articles, social media updates and guest blog posts takes resources and strategic planning, which revolves around the cost in cash that is difficult to estimate and person-hours that are essential to the whole operation.

Making An Actual Profit

According to the Search Engine Journal, both PPC and content marketing are profitable. PPC will instantly increase your traffic, but you can’t know much about the quality of that traffic.

Content marketing takes longer to create, but its results are easier to see. You’ll see your page rising in Google’s rankings together with the number of likes, shares, and comments. In other words, engagement will tell you how well your readership has received your message.

On the other hand, a PPC campaign that relies on a good content marketing model is likely to be consumed by an average internet user who wants to avoid ads.

Making a Choice

When deciding which model to opt for, keep in mind the cost of PPC and the time it takes to build content. In the short-term, you’ll get more clicks from PPC, which don’t necessarily guarantee sales, whereas content marketing allows you to interact with your followers.

At the end of the day, a good marketing strategy, be it PPC or content marketing or both, will increase your profit only if the product lives up to the hype. If not, consumers will quickly start negative word-of-mouth and move on to the competition which is just a click away.

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