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SEO for Crypto: Why is it so different?

By now, pretty much everyone who’s in any way related to an online business knows or has heard the term SEO. Short for search engine optimization, it’s a technique of building a website in such a way that allows it to get more visits due to showing up at the top of the result page provided by a search engine. In recent years, more and more businesses are hiring anything from an SEO specialist to a digital marketing agency so that they can boost their websites.

With that said, it’s safe to say that SEO has indeed embedded itself in the online industry. It has its own set of rules and has become a crucial part of anything that happens on the internet. And while search engine optimization has become more or less standardized, there is one event which requires it to be applied and used differently.

We’re talking about SEO for everything crypto-related. Whether someone is trying to run a crypto investment fund or is about to launch an ICO (initial coin offering) for their own “coin” and they want to incorporate SEO into their website, they’ll have to do it a tad bit differently.

How does SEO usually Work?

In normal conditions, search engine optimization can become a finely-tuned machine in the right hands. It all starts with choosing a marketing agency that will do this for your website – or you can opt out to do it internally if you have the right people for it within your business.

Once you’ve established who will implement keywords and other SEO-related stuff into your articles, you’ll have to do a bit of research on which keywords are ranking the highest at that moment and how much content you should have on your site.

This is a fairly complex process in and of itself, as it requires you to consider and review multiple different factors. For example, just establishing how the content will be distributed on your website takes a very long time due to it being of utmost importance. Having a lot of content that doesn’t exactly excel in quality isn’t enough for a website to bloom regarding attracting quality traffic.

Proper Research is Half the Battle

Now, the main difference between doing regular on and off-site SEO and doing SEO for crypto lies in the period during which it’s supposed to be effective. Instead of long-term keyword implementation and link building, doing search engine optimization for a cryptocurrency site is more immediate and explosive.

First off, studying the competition has to be done fast and with precision. Platforms like SE Ranking offer an insight into a large extended database of the crypto market, which in turn allows its users to adjust their website accordingly.

But a platform like this one is only part of the preparation process. Naturally, your next step would be to research those keywords thoroughly and according to your crypto-related website. This is where regular SEO and SEO for crypto are different the most – while keywords can be repeatedly used in regular SEO, its crypto variation requires the keywords to be as precise and to have as little competition as possible.

This is mainly because crypto websites are very short-lived but need to have a steady flow of incoming traffic as well as the freedom to build a paid or an organic campaign. Once you start trying to find a marketing agency for such a project, you will quickly learn that there are various ways to build a campaign for a crypto site regarding SEO.

Dancing to Google’s Tune

After you’ve devised a plan to set yourself ahead of the competition and to get your set of keywords, you’ll need to group those same keywords appropriately to be able to use them in more than one way. Some people do it manually, but true crypto SEO experts use keyword grouper tools.

These particular applications are at the top of the game when it comes to collecting and separating clusters of keyword and distributing them across different pages so that Google sees them just the way it wants to.

Long story short, SEO for crypto all comes down to “live in the moment” keyword work and paying extra attention to how Google perceives your website.


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