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Guest Blogging In 2018: 5 Actionable Tips For Absolute Beginners

Over the last few years, a lot of people have said that guest blogging has become obsolete and ineffective when it comes to link building strategies. However, after all this time, we can honestly say that content is still the king!
Therefore, if you want to improve your rankings, your organic and search engine traffic, or simply make a valuable connection with a prospective digital marketing agency, we suggest you do it via guest blogging. If you’re a newbie who is about to step into the vast realm of SEO, you probably need some guidance that will help you promote your website and your content. So, without further ado, here are the crucial steps you should always follow in order to boost your traffic via guest blogging.

Find Sites That Are Willing To Accept Your Guest Posts

Choosing a marketing agency or finding a website that might be interested in your organic content should always be your first step. Why? Well, you simply won’t be able to spread your word and become “visible” on the market if you don’t reach out to already established sites that are willing to accept your content. Now, the best and the simplest way to do so is by using “Google Search Strings”. Type in the keyword of your own choosing and combine it with a phrase that’s related to guest blogging.

According to Backlinko.com, these are some of the best examples:

“Your keyword” + “Guest blog posting”

“Your keyword” + “Contributing writer”

“Your keyword” + “Guest posts wanted”

“Your keyword” + “Write for us”

“Your keyword” + “Become a guest blogger”

Create An Infographic That Might Be Of Interest To Other Blogs

Once you’ve actually found a marketing agency or a targeted website, you should send them an Infographic or a “Guestographic” through which you can introduce your ideas and content. If you do so, you’ll come across a well-organized person who values other people’s precious time and opinion. This will definitely intrigue and probably persuade your potential business partner.

Offer Them A Unique High-Quality Content

Now that you’re on the same page when it comes to topics and the type of content, you should offer them your guest posts. Make sure to create some inspiring, unique, and high-quality content that will definitely persuade them to work with you.

Put In Your Backlinks As Subtly As You Can

As soon as your collaboration is official, you’ll have the chance to put in certain backlinks that will boost your organic and search engine traffic. This is what you’ve always wanted, but this is also when it gets tricky. Integrating backlinks randomly or putting them at the end of the article can be counterproductive, so you must be careful and subtle. That’s why it’s best to go with clever contextual backlinks. If you place them subtly, you won’t jeopardize the natural flow of your article or the quality of your content.

Natural Keyword Integration Is Crucial

As you probably know by now, keywords are one of the crucial tools for getting better rankings and boosting traffic. However, in order to achieve great results, you need to find a way to integrate them in a subtle and seemingly unnoticeable manner. This can be rather difficult and that’s exactly where your writing skills should come into play. When it comes to keywords, the most important thing is to find a way to place them without butchering your article. The quality of your content should always remain a number one priority. Remember, you should always aim to please your readers, not search engines.


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