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The Ultimate Guide to Free(mium) SEO Tools – Part II

Let’s get real for a second – there’s no reason to believe that your business will succeed if it’s not noticeable on the internet, or in other words, if people can’t find it with the help of a search engine. This, as most of us already know, is best achieved through search engine optimization (SEO) and with the help of carefully selected paid and free SEO tools.

Last time, we spoke about a couple of tools which could be essential for your online marketing efforts, so today we’re continuing in the same vein. In this part, we’re going to take a look at some third-party plugins and tools that have proven to be valuable when it comes to monitoring the success of an online marketing campaign. So, without further ado, here is part 2 of our Ultimate Guide to Free(mium) SEO tools.

#5: MozBar

Ask any digital marketer what is a must-have SEO tool, and they’ll respond unanimously: MozBar. Why’s that? Well, it’s simple to use, its purpose is straightforward, and it pulls all data through Moz’s database.

This free online SEO tool is valuable for an on-site optimization due to domain authority and page authority information it provides. These two metrics, as the majority of SEO-savvy readers already know, play a considerable role in calculating and determining the ranking expectation of any given website.

The MozBar plugin is useful when it comes to analyzing keywords and inbound links, as well as traffic data from sources like Quantcast, Alexa and more. Another advantage of this tool is highlighting links according to their attributes by marking them as external, internal and nofollow.

#6: GTMetrix

Detailed reports? Check. Continuous analysis? Check. User-friendly dashboard? Check. We can go on and on, or we can just say – GTMetrix.

When it comes to SEO analysis performed by a single WordPress plugin, nothing compares to GTMetrix. Simply put, this tool helps you analyze the speed performance of your page by using Google Page Speed and YSlow in order to create scores for your pages and suggest actions you can take to improve those scores.

One of the things that makes this plugin favorite among bloggers is the fact that it can be run from the WordPress dashboard at any time. It also offers to schedule reports by day, week or month while also showing status alerts on your WordPress page.

#7: Majestic.com

If we’re talking about link indexing and intelligence tools, we can’t really skip mentioning a keyword ranking checker online tool that’s both free and immensely useful.

Majestic.com or Majestic SEO has been around for almost a decade now and it has become one of the most used search engine optimization tools on the internet. The amazing thing about this SEO tool is that it’s free, but on par with paid services like Linkscape (created by Moz) and RavenTools.

It’s unique for one simple reason – it lets its users see the links leading to their site, as well as those that lead to sites of their competitors. We should also mention that there are certain benefits reserved for subscribers, such as Top Backlinks, which shows you link rankings according to Majestic’s own criteria.

#8: SEMRush

It’s not just incorporating keywords into your content that makes you noticeable – they have to be profitable, too. Since SEO is an essential part of blogging and we all know that bloggers can’t do their jobs without profitable keywords, it’s actually SEMRush that’s a favorite tool among old and new bloggers.

The great thing about SEMRush is that it can be used both for individual and bulk campaigns. Whether you have a personal blog that generates profit via Infolinks or Adsense or you’re running a bunch of corporate websites, you’ll notice that SEMRush is exactly what you need in order to discover current niche trends that can benefit your incoming traffic.

This tool allows you to monitor your status, your competitor’s status and even the status of your competitor’s competitor. It also predicts possible changes that should be made to your keywords and links in the future.

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