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How to Use Brand Mentions for your SEO

Brand mentions essentially come down to the organic buzz created around your business and people talking about your product or service. Word of mouth is definitely the best form of marketing, and when you have satisfied customers talking you up, your sales are bound to increase.

Additionally, when you have a popular product or service review site which features your business on its first page, that’s a brand mention guaranteed to increase traffic to your site. This could enhance your visibility in the sea of other businesses selling similar products and ultimately increase your revenue.

#1: Linkless Linking as the Future

Links have long been used as a way to determine a website’s authority, but we can’t help but notice that the Internet is changing, and that it’s no longer just a bunch of pages connected by hyperlinks.

Nowadays, relationships on the web can be presented in a million ways, and brand mentions just might be the linkless future. In his keynote at Brighton SEO in September 2017, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes said “If you publish high-quality content that is highly cited on the Internet – and I’m not talking about just links, but also mentions on social networks and people talking about branding, crap like that, then you are doing great.”

This statement and several others like it are just the thing that makes us believe we’re headed for a linkless future full of organic brand citations.

#2: Google’s Panda and Implied Links

Plenty of digital marketing experts agree that backlinks will start carrying less weight in Google’s eyes, and from the looks of things they are right. Google’s Panda is a patent that takes brand authority and brand mentions into account when deciding on a website’s ranking. Google has dubbed these ‘implied links’.

For instance, someone mentions your website or your brand name on their page, and when another person searches you on Google, with or without visiting the article that mentioned you, the search engine believes you’ve earned an implied link.

The trick here is that you can purchase brand mentions or build them through guest postings, but you get an implied link only when someone types your brand name in Google’s search query, which is precisely how implied links and brand mentions differ.

#3: Tracking Brand Mentions

Figuring out how to track brand mentions is not as complicated as it looks but it is rather time consuming. There are a bunch of tools on the market that allow you to get instant access to discussions about your brand on the Internet. The most obvious benefit of tracking your brand mentions is getting an honest, objective opinion about your business and its reputation.

One of the best tracking tools out there is Awario, which covers both social media networks and each and every site out there that mentions your brand, including forums and news sites. With Awario you get instant notifications of people mentioning your website or talking about it, and you can join in on the conversation in real time.

#4: The Importance of Brand Mentions for SEO

When your brand gets social media mentions, customer reviews, and web mentions you get such word of mouth recommendations that not only increase your sales, but also do wonders for your SEO.

Getting mentioned on high authority sites, and getting backlinks and implied links works highly in your favor when it comes to Google rankings, as Google immediately recognizes you’re worth following. People recommend you, which must mean they find what you’re doing quite useful.

#5: Instant Increase in Revenue

Last but not least, brand mentions lead to an instant boost in sales through a boost in ‘shares’. When people unrelated to your business talk about it, potential clients take notice, and if those unrelated people are influencers, your sales can reach record highs.

By boosting your SEO, brand mentions not only increase and reinforce sales, but they also lead to a host of new clients. When reputable sources mention you, the reach your website gets is greater and more respectable than usual, meaning people begin to trust you and give you their business.


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