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Best CMS for SEO: a Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the best CMS for your SEO purposes can be a tricky endeavor, especially considering all the factors you need to take into account before you make a decision. Now, even though you’re searching for a tool that will improve your search engine optimization, SEO shouldn’t be your only factor when choosing the right CMS (Content Management System). In order to help you with your search, we’re going to list some of the best CMS out there, as well as the most important factors and features you need to consider before deciding which CMS you’re going to pick as your ultimate SEO tool.

What is CMS?

A Content Management System is a specialized software app or set of programs designed to create and manage your digital content and improve your website optimization. It’s really important to understand that “content” is more than just written articles and other text forms. Content can be any type of digital file, including the already mentioned text, audio files, videos, images, and other documents. That said, let us check out some of the most important features you need to consider when choosing your CMS.

Features You Need to Consider When Choosing the Right CMS for Your SEO

There are certain variations when it comes to the CMS, but all of those forms of Content Management System have similar features. This is why we’re going to focus on the crucial features and tools every CMS SEO program has to possess.

Simple Administration

In order to be efficient and run a smooth business, you need a software that offers simple administration. The admin dashboard is the absolute center of any CMS out there, therefore it needs to be simple and intuitive in order to make it easy for you to track all of your running tasks that include:

  • Keeping track of scheduled content
  • Monitoring the entire site
  • Keeping an eye on all modules and plugins
  • Managing notifications for various tasks

Built-In SEO Tools

As you probably know, Google is constantly changing its algorithms when it comes to the search engine and that has a major influence on your rankings. Built-in SEO tools will help you to automatically create URLs that will be good enough for those search engines and your potential readers. This feature also allows you to easily add Alt Tags, Page titles, and Meta Descriptions.

Intuitive Indexing

This particular feature allows easy access to all data through various search functions and it offers users an opportunity to easily search for information by entering publication dates and keywords.

Revision Feature

Revision feature allows admins and certain users to update and edit already published content. It also tracks any changes made to documents by admins and other individuals.

Social Media Integration

If you want to reach and interact with your audience, you simply need to do it on social media. This is why your CMS needs social tools. In other words, it has to make it easy for admins and users to optimize and share content from the website on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Overall Security

You can’t run a website or a bigger organization without proper security tools. Maximum security and protection of your and your customer’s data must always be your utmost priority. So, before you pick your future CMS, just make sure it’s safe enough for your precious data. You don’t want to lose your business due to bad security.

Best Content Management System for SEO on the Market

Since we’ve established the features you need to focus on, it’s time to list some of the most popular Content Management Systems that are currently available on the market. Any of these programs will definitely help you with your SEO.

SharePoint – makes it easy for you to store and manage digital information and files within your website. This program allows you to check-in multiple documents, approve and reject large lists of items. You can also easily edit your metadata and keep your app clean and organized by dragging and dropping your content anywhere you like.

Joomla – one of the most convenient free programs that’s rather popular among bloggers. In fact, this CMS is probably the best program for new bloggers. Since the 1.6 version came out, Joomla has been providing its users with some rather useful and easy to use SEO tools. Joomla introduced Search-engine friendly URLs and custom metadata per page, which allowed this CMS to compete with other apps.

WordPress – for many years, WordPress and Joomla were probably the most popular programs out there, and we have to say that’s still the case. Much like its greatest rival, WordPress is also good for new bloggers and fresh website owners. This CMS has thousands of customizable themes, plugins, and SEO tools that allow you to improve your ratings and reach a bigger audience via content marketing.

MODx – since 2004, this MODx has been one of the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. Unlike many similar programs, it has a very quick and simple installation, which is always a plus. MODx is very customizable and it supports various plugins and themes, as well as SEO Pro and SEO Tab extras. All of these features allow a quick publication of your content.

Drupal – one of the oldest and most reliable CMS programs on the market. It is designed for large-scale enterprises because it can simultaneously handle thousands of pages and users with ease. However, this program is quite complicated and tricky, unlike WordPress and Joomla, for example. That’s why it should be handled by experienced developers exclusively.

Choosing the best CMS for your SEO purposes can be difficult, but every single one of them will definitely improve your overall ratings and rankings. These content management systems are SEO-friendly and they’ll help you publish your content easily and effectively, which is crucial if you want to be visible in today’s market.

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