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5 Actionable Tips That Can Help You Find New SEO Clients on the Web

Let’s face it, running an SEO business and trying to expand your client base isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Nowadays, an average online business owner has to think about how to find freelance work on corresponding platforms, devise an original social media marketing strategy, and get in touch with the right influencers, for example.

On the other hand, there are about a thousand tips and tactics that seem like they’re helpful but in reality have a limited immediate impact. This is why we’ve decided to come up with the list of 5 actionable tips that could help you widen your SEO client base right away.

1. Optimize Your Website

Most (if not all) SEO consulting agencies out there are bending over backward to hit the sweet, #1 spot on Google. In that light, they will do their best to help their clients rank the highest and will optimize their websites for as many conversions as possible, too.

However, most of these businesses fail to optimize their own website and thus experience lower inquiry rates. Therefore, even if you have a strong track record when it comes to providing SEO services to various businesses, it’s always a smart idea to optimize your own website so that it’s easier for potential clients to find you in the first place.

2. Conference Speeches

Despite the fact that a very large portion of all SEO-related events happen online, there are certain face-to-face situations that you can use to your advantage. One of the best examples of this is speaking at conferences.

When you start to think about how to get customers, you’ll quickly realize that every opportunity needs to be seized, which is exactly why you have to take it away from a website and into a conference hall occasionally.

Furthermore, speaking at events will not only bring you closer to other SEO experts (and thus provide you with the chance to exchange valuable experiences), but also the ones who could possibly value you as a service provider. Nothing beats real-life interaction, right?

3. Free Tools

You know how lawyers sometimes have to work pro bono so that they can raise their reputation and possibly land new clients? Well, the same can be done when you’re running an SEO agency. The only difference is that if you want to get clients online, you’ll have to do free work online, or in this case, create free tools. This isn’t exactly a new method, and many reliable consultant companies and agencies have been doing this for quite a while now.

Basically, it comes down to creating an application or a website that is going to provide free, basic, SEO-related services that are available to a wide audience. This way, you’ll put your agency’s name out there and people will probably link your service to that awesome free tool. Easier said than done, we know, but it could pay off immensely in the long run.

4. Email Blasts

There’s no point denying that sending emails is a commonly used method of attracting clients to your SEO agency. However, a lot of SEO agencies out there usually neglect the email blast method for some reason.

This marketing approach isn’t really all that complex. Simply write up an email that states you’re doing SEO and that you’re taking on new clients and send it to everyone you know or have communicated with in the past –  friends, family, other businesses, and former colleagues.

In other words, send an email to everyone you think might be able to pass such information on to someone who could qualify as a potential client.

5. Focus On a Niche

There are people who will say that this is illogical and counterintuitive, but it has been proven that focusing on a single niche is, in fact, one of the best ways to quickly build up a client base.

Here’s the reason why: if you allow your agency to become “SEO for all,” chances are you will experience only a moderate success since companies are mainly looking for specialized SEO agencies these days. On the other hand, building a portfolio aiming at clients in a single niche or industry will only attract more clients of the same type.

This is mostly because there are still a lot of companies out there that don’t really understand how SEO works. However, if they see that you have relevant knowledge and experience in their niche, they’ll be more likely to hire your agency rather than one that tries to do it all.

Have you already worked with some SEO agency in the past? Did it help you expand your client base? You can tell us all about it in the comment section below!



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