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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Agencies

Seeing as social media plays quite a big role in promoting a web page, it’s only natural that many SEO agencies make their practice revolve around marketing a site on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks. However, not every agency is aware of what are the best social media tools out there.

So, regardless of whether you need a tool that will help you control social engagement or your agency is looking for an app that will help you analyze your social media marketing results, you can’t possibly go wrong if you opt for one of these 10 best social media marketing tools for agencies.

1. Buffer

When it comes to team features, analytics and publishing with queue, Buffer is by far one of the best tools out there. It’s integrated with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+, so it’s no wonder that many SEO agencies use it for building their social pages.

One of the most interesting features of Buffer is the Reply, which basically lets the user manage all of their interactions and engagement from one, centralized place. It does, however, come at a price of $415/month for 3 users and 15 profiles.

Perfect for: Pro users who want to stay ahead of the game.

2. HootSuite

If we’re talking about social media management tools that have been around for quite some time and have proven that they work over and over again, then we have to mention HootSuite. This tool was created back in 2008 and it still continues to be one of the best RSS integration, content curation, organization and scheduling tools out there.

The basic plan for HootSuite costs $29/month for one user and 10 social profiles. This plan allows unlimited posting, the Auto Post feature, creating social sweepstakes and contests as well as custom branded URLs. Its other, more expensive plans provide the same type of service, with added users and profiles per plan.

Perfect for: Both small and big agencies whose focus is primarily on social media marketing.

3. eClincher

Simple to use yet comprehensive – this phrase perfectly describes eClincher, which is the best social media marketing tool on the internet according to many online marketers.

eClincher provides the user with everything from RSS feed integration and auto posting to suggested content, social inbox and smart queues. The price ranges from $49/month to $199/month, depending on the number of users and included services per plan.

Perfect for: Big agencies that have many clients who are in need of some serious social media marketing.

4. Sprout Social

Similar to HootSuite, the Sprout Social is also a combo of several smaller tools. Therefore, if you’re looking for a decent social media automated helper that offers scheduling, analytics and monitoring, then you should look no further.

Interestingly enough, this tool incorporates keyword search in its social inbox, which allows an agency to have a better insight into what the followers of their social media pages are saying and posting. Finally, Sprout Social costs $99, $149 or $249/month for 10, 15 and 20 social profiles on one user account, respectively.

Perfect for: Small to medium agencies with some experience in doing SMM customer support.

5. Sendible

If there has ever been a tool built specifically for SEO agencies, Sendible is the one. It incorporates CRM as well as Auto Post and Social Inbox that can be easily accessed from a useful dashboard.

To be fair, this isn’t the most complex tool out there, but it does serve its purpose quite well. For only $29/month, one user on 4 profiles can use this tool to their advantage, which makes Sendible one of the best beginner tools an agency can use.

Perfect for: Small agencies without much experience in social media marketing.

6. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse relies on the more simplistic approach of combining various smaller tools simultaneously. While using this tool, one gains access to publishing, listening, social engagement, reporting and team collaboration.

The plans for this tool range from $49 for 1 user/month to $299 for 12 users/month, with an option to add more users to any plan for $39 per each of them.

Perfect for: Small and medium agencies that know at least the basics of social media marketing.

7. Social Pilot

One dashboard, many features – there’s no better way of explaining Social Pilot, which is regarded as one of the best social marketing tools for beginner agencies.

However, Social Pilot believes in simplicity and ease of use before anything else, meaning you shouldn’t let its sounding features like Auto Post or Smart Queues discourage you. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that it’s integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Perfect for: Medium-sized agencies that have just started doing social media marketing and SEO trainees.

8. Crowdfire

Although it is definitely not one, Crowdfire is pretty darn close to being an automated bot that can handle social marketing campaigns on your behalf.

This tool doesn’t have queues, Auto Post or RSS integration. However, it’s capable of boosting social engagement like no other tool on this list. With Crowdfire, you’re able to grow your page’s audience by following, unfollowing and targeting specific audience, all the while having these processes entirely automated.

Perfect for: Small agencies that don’t have enough people for social media marketing.

9. Edgar

Scheduling content is no unique feature for any social marketing tool, but Edgar found a way to do it differently. Namely, this tool focuses on automated publishing of evergreen posts while grouping content into categories and placing it into different time slots.

Interestingly enough, Edgar only has one payment plan which costs $49/month, allows 25 social profiles and is integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In short, this is a very basic tool with an interesting method of performing social marketing tasks.

Perfect for: Small agencies that need something basic and concrete for their social media marketing work.

10. CoSchedule

What happens when you combine a nifty social marketing tool with a calendar? You get CoSchedule. One of the primary goals of this tool is to allow users to organize their social media posts neatly, following the demands of their unique social calendar.

Furthermore, thanks to both basic publishing features and the intelligent ReQueue software, CoSchedule easily made it to our list. However, CoSchedule’s pricing varies from acceptable 60$/month for basic to whopping 1200$/month for corporate plan, which makes it a not-so-affordable option for big agencies indeed.

Perfect for: Newbie and small agencies that are just starting off with SEO and social media marketing.

As you can probably tell, there’s no such thing as a social media marketing tool that fits everyone’s needs. It all depends on what type of work your SEO agency is focused on and the quantity of tasks you need to perform on a weekly basis.

Do you think we’ve missed to mention some important social media marketing tool? Which one is your favorite? Don’t hesitate to tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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