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5 Actionable Tips on How to Create Link-Worthy Content

For more than a decade now, writers and blog owners have been competing viciously in the SEO arena. Namely, these modern-day gladiators are working tirelessly not only to best their rivals but also to please the readers who seem to crave a relevant content endlessly. However, there are still many online marketers out there who naively believe that sitting down and writing dozens of similar articles is all it takes to succeed, but you should know better than that. After all, mistakes can cost us dearly in the unforgiving world of online marketing.

So, how does one write a blog post that’s easy to read, relatable, entertaining, and link-worthy at the same time? Let’s find out.

What Makes Your Content Link-Worthy?

If you truly want to write great blog posts and create memorable and exceptional content, you need to ask yourself the following – what exactly makes my content relevant and thus link-worthy? The answer to this question is simple, actually. Your content is link-worthy only if it’s useful to the considerable amount of people on the Internet. This basically means that your content has to be one of these four things:

  • Inspirational – it has to inspire and motivate people to take some sort of action;
  • Educational – it has to teach people something new;
  • Informational – it has to keep people informed and aware of the latest news and events;
  • Entertaining – it has to cause a certain emotion in a reader like joy, sadness, frustration, anger, or surprise.

That said, let’s see what else you should apply to your writing strategy.

Identify Your Audience and Your Niche

This is one of the basic article writing tips. Writing a blog post, on any subject, is relatively easy. However, you need to do a thorough research and identify your target audience and the niche you want to write about before you actually start writing. Furthermore, you have to search the web for the similar articles your competitors have already written, and offer something new and inspiring to your readers as well. Finally, you need to realize what is it that your readers want and then try to satisfy their needs.

Create Credible, Relatable, and Evergreen Content

If you want to produce linkable content, you need to be credible and you have to write about relatable and evergreen topics. People respect trustworthy writers, so make sure your blog posts are always backed up by facts. Include multiple sources in your article if possible and you will start attracting loyal readers and audience in no time.

Also, you should do your best to create evergreen content. Newsworthy articles are great but we can all agree that they have a short lifespan. Therefore, if you want people to read your posts months from now, you can combine the popular trends with some evergreen relatable topics (beauty and fitness, lifestyle topics, etc.)

Be Concise

Engaging today’s Internet users is not an easy task. Most people just scan through the article, without actually reading it. Therefore, you need to compose your blog posts according to your audience’s needs to make them stay on your pages, read, and share your content. In this light, you should avoid long and tiring sentences and paragraphs. Moreover, we suggest you go straight to the point and use only facts from credible sources. You can also:

  • Use bullets
  • Highlight and bold the most important information in the article
  • Divide big blocks of text into smaller paragraphs

Feel Free to Add Other Elements to Your Blog Post – Videos, Photos, Podcasts

The written word will and should always be respected in our society, but we live in a world where visual content is gaining more and more power when it comes to engaging people. So, to make your articles more appealing and entertaining, you should always consider implementing visual and audio elements into your blog posts. For example, you can back up certain claims by sharing a photo or embedding a video. This type of variety will undoubtedly make your content more diverse and link-worthy.

Establish Good Connections With Various Influencers

If you’re just starting to create unique content, you need someone who will help you promote it. Remember, no matter how good your content is, it won’t make a difference if nobody sees it. Therefore, you need to partner up with some influencers to put your blogs posts out there. These people have big groups of loyal followers on social media and other websites, which means they can easily make your product visible by sharing it with millions of people worldwide.

All in all, creating a well-written, credible, and linkable blog post is important, but that’s just the first step. If you want to make it out there, not only do you have to partner up with other authors and influencers but you also have to know your target audience well.

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