6 Essential SEO Browser Extensions Every Marketer Should Have

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With SEO being such a crucial part of the online marketing industry, it’s only natural that so many different types of tools have been developed over the years. Nowadays, you can have anything from free search indexers and crawl trackers to automated mailing tools and a complete SEO toolbar.

Considering that all the people who work with SEO need to use a browser to access pretty much anything on the internet, we simply have to address tools that are specifically browser related. With that said, here are 6 essential SEO browser extensions every marketer should have.

#1: SEO Quake

Let’s kick things off with something the pros will appreciate and the beginners will find interesting.

Browser extensions, generally speaking, rarely go into too much detail and functionality, which also applies to extensions used for SEO. This is why SEO Quake is very specific – it allows access to some basic data in a simple way, but also offers a lot more for those who are ready to dig around a bit.

Click once to take a look at things like cache dates, backlinks data, and indexing information. Click a few more times and in front of you you’ll have a whole spectrum of useful information, such as keyword density information, heading tags, external backlinks, metas, and much more.

#2: Tag Assistant

If we had to pick a particular SEO plugin that’s been specifically designed for Google Tags, it would easily be the Google Tag Assistant.

If you know SEO, then you’re probably already using the Google Tag Manager and you’re aware of how useful this tool is. Now, there’s an extension to help you manage the Manager by locating analytics, AdWords and other problems on a webpage. The extension changes color with live updates and provides insight into dead links, empty tags and duplicates.


#3: User-Agent Switcher

Do you need a way to see the same webpage from different perspectives at the same time? If your answer is yes, you’re in dire need of the User-Agent Switcher extension.

The essence of this browser extension is exactly what its name says: with one click of a mouse button, you can switch your view to perspectives if different browsers and bots.

When it comes to discovering crawl issues, layout changes and all other information that may vary depending on which browser is used and who is looking at the website, there’s hardly anything out there that comes close to the User-Agent Switcher.

#4: Chrome Developer Tools

Although it’s not exactly a browser “extension” in the literal sense, this Google Chrome-specific tool has many uses in various fields – and SEO is one of them.

Integrated with its own browser, the Chrome Developer Tools have shown their true potential of being a useful SEO plugin in instances where you have to establish the size of elements on a page, find specific lines of code and possibly troubleshoot any issues.

With a very intuitive interface and detailed insight into webpage ingredients, the Chrome Developer tools certainly deserve a spot on this list.


#5: Note AnyWhere

SEO requires complex work with a multitude of layers, which means it’s completely normal to have a million things on your mind at times. And what happens when you think about too many different things? Well, you forget stuff – which is exactly why Note AnyWhere makes this list.

Out of all of useful non-SEO tools that SEO pros can use, this one would probably take the number one spot. Note AnyWhere is an extension with a very simple premise, but also one that can potentially save hours or even days’ worth of work.

You’ve guessed it: this extension lets you leave notes pretty much anywhere you want and saves them until you manually delete them, regardless of whether you’ve closed all your tabs or even shut down your browser. Write down specific keywords, link building ideas or anything else that’s important at the moment and save it for later with this tool.

#6: MozBar

Finally, we’ll call it a day with an all-around browser extension that does a little bit of everything.

MozBar has become a staple for all SEO users in the last couple of years simply by being everything an individual or agency might need in order to work fast and with precision in the SEO field.

From access to Page and Domain Authority and comparing link metrics to highlighting keywords depending on their type and exporting SERP analysis, there’s not much this amazing browser extension can’t do.

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