3 SEO Trends That Will Continue Into 2019

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Finally, 2019 is here and most people are proudly declaring their New Year’s resolutions. “New Year – New Me” trend is rather popular these days, but will we see completely new things when it comes to SEO trends as well? The short answer is no! Of course, some new strategies will make their debut on the market, however, the most relevant trends will continue into 2019. On that note, we’re going to talk about the 3 SEO trends from the past few years that are going to remain popular among SEO experts throughout the following year, so we suggest you stick around!

User Intent Optimization

One of the things SEO experts should remain focused on in 2019 is user intent optimization. This is one of those search engine optimization tips you’ll hear on every corner.

As you can probably assume, not all people out there have the same expectations and intents when they enter a specific query. That’s exactly where user intent optimization comes into play. Namely, Google’s algorithm is so advanced that it can predict a user’s intent and serve them only the most relevant results. However, this is something that website owners should use to their advantage, too.

For example, if a site is focused on reviewing certain products, an SEO or a website owner shouldn’t choose keywords that are related to stores and shops where this product can be purchased. No, this would be misleading because the user is looking for an honest and thorough review, not a place where they can buy the product.

Moreover, your content might be perfectly written and optimized, yet it won’t generate traffic if your user intent optimization is poorly executed. That’s why you should think of yourself as a user performing the search if you’re trying to grow your business. Observing your website and search results from the user’s point of view will definitely help you optimize your website and choose the right keywords.

Voice Search Optimization

When it comes to this search method, a lot of SEO experts are wondering the same thing – will voice search become the most used option in 2019? Well, to be perfectly honest, the answer is probably no. However, voice search optimization started to gain traction last year and the general prediction is that this SEO trend will be in focus in 2019 as well. The main reason for this is the fact that it provides users with a chance to clearly state what they are looking for when it comes to services, products, or information. Simply put, the voice search allows customers to describe what they want using their voice instead of writing shortened keywords.

However, due to different languages, dialects, and regions, users often didn’t get satisfying results in the past using this type of search. Nonetheless, this method is still favored among consumers and that’s why SEOs will continue to work hard on voice search optimization in the year before us. The key might lie in using conversational, long-tail keyword phrases that can answer a question asked by an average consumer.

Mobile-First Indexing

This comes as no surprise. Smartphones are a big part of every person’s life. They’re small, handy, and easy to carry. These amazing devices allow people to easily search whatever they want when in public. Even in their own homes, people prefer to simply take out their phone and search something rather than turning on their laptops and desktop computers. This is precisely why Google and other search engines plan to continue using mobile version of websites for indexing and ranking in 2019.

Mobile-First Indexing implies that, instead of collecting information from the desktop version of your page, Google will acquire data from the mobile version of your website and that’s why it should be well optimized.

SEO Trends In 2019 Will Favor Smartphones

We can honestly say that most websites will try to make their pages more accessible to smartphone users. Considering how important phones are in today’s world, this is completely understandable. When it comes to SEO trends, it’s safe to say that voice search optimization and mobile-first indexing optimization will remain equally important in the year ahead.


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