Paid Search Marketing

Flawless Campaign Creation

Making a PPC campaign is easy, but what makes a truly successful campaign is a thorough analysis supported by a serious research. We make sure to structure your campaign in a way that it drives your customers to you.

  • Proper keyword targeting. We strive to target only the keywords that will bring you measurable results and yet are budget friendly. By studying the competition and other relevant factors we are making sure that you achieve your full business potential.
  • Landing page targeting.When creating a PPC ad, one of the most important things is to send the customer to the right landing page that is tightly related to your product or service and that it has an amazing call-to-action, which will result in a higher possibility of conversion.
  • Writing killer ads. The other important aspect of a PPC campaign is the way the ads are written. Needless to say that better-written ads have more chance to entice potential customers to click on them and make a conversion.

Continuous PPC Campaign Optimization

We don’t just set a PPC campaign and then forget about out. Instead, we provide an on-going optimization process so that your campaigns scale dizzy heights, increasing your customer base at a remarkable ROI.

  • Steady ad testing. At Traffic Mountain Inc., our team of proven PPC experts monitors and compares the performance of multiple ads by using A/B principle, because we want to provide only the solutions that work the best for your business and because we want to make sure that the ads are running at top efficiency.
  • Monitoring user trends. User trends help us understand what changes need to be made so that an ad can be even more effective. Therefore, we make sure to follow these trends because these can help us see where the clicks are occurring and consequently make the adjustments so that your ad performs even better.
  • Keyword performance audit. We want to make sure that your budget is spent in the right way, meaning that we create ROI-oriented goals and then modify bids in accordance with the keywords that are driving the best conversions.

PPC Performance Reports

There’s no room for any guessing when it comes to our PPC service package. We firmly believe that is very important for our clients to keep up and be well informed on all changes concerning their PPC campaigns such as user trends, overall campaign changes and fresh data discoveries derived from our various tests.

  • Search spend data. We will provide you a valuable insight on how your budget is being spent so that you know exactly what you are getting in return.
  • Conversion information. The key to success lies in knowledge and by knowing which ads and keywords are driving more conversions for your business you are more likely to make better decisions in the future.
  • Easily accessible data. We will provide you an online dashboard where you can easily access to all your important paid campaign information.